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So Much To See & Do In Parrsboro!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

I really can't say it enough: Parrsboro is Nova Scotia's true hidden gem!

With so much to see and do, it may be a little overwhelming at first so I have compiled the Top 20+ choices to help you decide what your Must See & Do‘s will be!

Let's start by taking a closer look at:

1. The Cliffs Of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark!

#Parrsboro is located on the #BayofFundy, in the #MinasBasin, along the #ParrsboroShore right in the middle of the World's Highest Tides #EcoZone as well as the Sea Cliffs and Fossils EcoZone! Must Do: Guided Tours Of All The #GeoSites!

2. Ships Company Theatre

18 Lower Main Street, Parrsboro: Catch a world renowned theatrical and/or musical performance, literally a two minute walk from Pleasant Street Inn: Must See…and Must Do: Book your tickets!

3. Art Lab Studios & Gallery: A 30 second walk away and you will discover a beautiful gallery showcasing some of Parrsboro’s best local artists and the work of artists-in-residence during your visit. Plan ahead and you can register for one of many courses offered by The Art Lab taught by the best in the industry! Check out their 2022 Course Calendar:

4. The Parrsboro Harbour and Lighthouse:

A short drive down Two Islands Road will take you to where you can view Parrsboro’s famous lighthouse and harbour wharves where every 6 hours you can witness the extreme rise and fall of the tides! Must Do: Walk on the ocean floor during low tide & stop into Parrsboro’s Famous Harbourview Restaurant for a bite to eat while you are there!

Note: You can also check out the lighthouse and the ocean floor from the other side of the harbour accessed via a short drive down Whitehall Road/to the Lighthouse Road turn off! Just be careful of the incoming tides….they can sneak up on you!

5. The Fundy Geological Museum:

162 West Bay Road, Parrsboro

Parrsboro is famous for being the site where Canada’s Oldest Dinosaur Fossils were discovered and so much more! Must Do: A Tidal Reveal Guided Tour! Check out the museum‘s calendar of events and upcoming tours:

6. FORCE - Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy

1156 West Bay Road, Parrsboro

Are you interested in the science and research involved in harnessing tidal energy? Parrsboro is home to the facility exploring all the possibilities! Check them out:

7. Tysons’ Fine Minerals Inc

114 Lamb’s Hill Road, Parrsboro

8. Parrsboro Golf Club

984 Two Islands Road, Parrsboro

Must Do: The most scenic 9-Hole Golf Course…indulge in the beauty and challenge your skills!

9. Spirit Reins Ranch: Bay of Fundy Horseback Tour

432 Prospect Road, Parrsboro

Discover the beauty of the area on horseback: A definite MUST DO!

10. Ottawa House Museum/Home of The Bubbling Tides

1155 Whitehall Road, Parrsboro

& 11. Partridge Island: While you are at Ottawa House…you must go just a bit further to indulge in the awesomeness of Partridge Island…hike the trails, capture the beauty and immerse yourself in the stunning landscape and endless ocean views!

12. Sea Kayaking on The Bay of Fundy: Three Sisters Day Tour/Advocate Harbour

13. Age of Sail Museum

8334 Highway 209, Port Greville

Learn about Parrsboro’s fascinating history of ship building and being Canada’s busiest and most travelled port!

14. Anne Murray Museum, Springhill

The Legendary Anna Murray is from Nova Scotia! Check out this wonderful museum showcasing her life.

15. Joggins Fossil Cliffs/Lower Cove

100 Main Street, Joggins

16. Upcoming Festivals:

Parrsboro Car Show: July 30th-31st

Wild Blueberry Festival:

Parrsboro Film Festival:

17. Anna Hergert’s Tide Rollers & Mudlarkers Discovery Walks : Guided Tours to the best and most breathtaking sites, beaches, trails and discoveries Parrsboro has to offer: Blog Email:

18. Movies, Concerts and Performances at The Hall:


Concerts In The Park/Band Day at The Main Street Bandstand: Enjoy the performances of local musicians from around Nova Scotia every Sunday from 7pm-8pm and as announced!

19. The Dutchman’s Cheese Farm, Animal and Nature Park, Upper Economy

Another Must Do! Check out all The Dutchman has to offer:

20. Local Guy Adventures: Outdoor Adventure Tour Guides along the Bay of Fundy….hiking, fat biking, paddle boarding and now boat tours!…check them out at

AND….Markets, Antiques, Pop-ups and Boutiques….all just a walk down Main Street!

PLUS: Johnny Hollywood’s Seaside Cabaret (check out this great write up about Johnny) on Whitehall Road overlooking The Ship’s Company Theatre and across from Tysons’ Fine Minerals:

This is by no means an exhaustive list of things to do during your next visit to Parrsboro but it is a great starting point to begin planning your adventure…and of course, the lists of hiking trails, waterfalls, parks and beaches are abundant!

Once you arrive at Pleasant Street Inn you will also find the most recent information, brochures, maps and suggestions to make the most of your vacation!


Check out this link to a new Community Calendar of current and on-going events in Parrsboro:

Reserve Your Accommodations Now:

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